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Upcoming Events at Our Lady Queen of Peace Montessori School

Every year, we celebrate a number of events with the children. You can learn more about each celebration here.

Easter Celebration

Easter is a time for remembering, and for others, to learn what it truly means. Jesus died for us all to redeem us from our sins, and on the third day, he rose from the dead, which is Easter morning. When we celebrate Easter, we are also experiencing faith, hope and renewal in our lives. Then we move on to the secular festivities of this feast.

We love holidays. Each holiday presents a unique opportunity to include children in culture and tradition.

Learning about Paramedics & Emergency Care

Children need to learn the basics about injuries and what to do in case of an emergency. When the paramedic visited our preschool, it was a great opportunity for the children to learn more about emergency health care professionals and trauma care by observing and experimenting with real life apparatuses.

Our students have learned that a paramedic is a trained health care professional who specializes in emergency medical care. They also learned that paramedics are trained to respond to medical emergencies out in the field for the purpose of stabilizing the victim’s condition so s/he can be transported to a medical facility for definitive care.

Graduation Day

On Graduation Day, we celebrate each child’s success. The focus is also on those who are moving to Grade 1. A concert is also presented followed by refreshments.

Year-End Family Potluck Picnic

Summer is the perfect time of year for many events, including social gatherings and year-end wrap-up picnics. It has been the tradition at our school to have all the families gathered together at Mohawk Park on the last day of school (the second to last Friday of June). This end of the year gathering is also a great way to close the books and welcome the summer! It’s fun and much appreciated by all.

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