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Policies & Procedures for Our Toddler Montessori Classroom

Daily Programs

The daily program information for the Toddler Classroom is posted at the entrance on the bulletin board.

Registered Staff

Our staff is registered in Early Childhood Education (ECE), first aid and child CPR.

Criminal Reference Check

Anyone who comes into regular contact with our students is required to provide us with a criminal police check.

Policies & Procedures

Anyone who comes into regular contact with our students is required to read all of our policies and procedures before beginning working with the children.

Regulated Inspections

Our premises are regularly inspected by the Health and Fire Departments. The license is renewed yearly by the Ministry after thorough inspection. Our preschool is in compliance with the building code.

Child Care Payment

A non-refundable registration fee is payable upon enrollment or re-enrollment of the child every year. All parents are required to pay one month in advance to secure their child’s place. This advanced payment is credited to the last month attending the Toddler Program when the child is of age to move to the CASA Program. At this time, the parent is required to pay one month in advance for the current or upcoming academic year. The deposit is non-refundable in case of a withdrawal by the parent or legal guardian after three consecutive weeks in the program. In addition, if the child is withdrawn from the program part-way through a month, the balance of that current month is non-refundable. There are no changes in fee payment due to illness or vacation.

NSF Cheques

All NSF (non-sufficient funds) cheques will have a $ 35.00 service charge. No exceptions.


You are required to give one month notice for the withdrawal of your child from the program.

Tax Receipts

Parents and legal guardians only are eligible for a tax receipt. These are given out at the beginning of February.

Administration of Medicine Policy

We can only administer prescribed medicine. A Medication Authorization Form must be completed by the parent/guardian when the medication is given to the staff upon your child’s arrival. Extra forms can be found by the main entrance door.

Snacks & Lunches

The school provides a morning and afternoon snack and hot lunch to the children attending the all-day program. These are included in the monthly fees. If your child attends the morning session only, the lunch is included in the monthly fee because the children have their lunch at an earlier time than the dismissal time. All hot lunches are prepared in our own kitchen and have the quality of a tasty home-cooked meal. The two week menu cycle is posted on the Parent Information Board by the main entrance door.


Sleeping Time

Please ensure that your child has his or her favourite blanket and stuffed animal for the afternoon nap.

Behaviour Management Policy

  • Continuous redirection
  • Bring the child to engage to a different toy or activity
  • Satisfy the child’s needs if the child is thirsty or hungry
  • No time out

Diaper Change Routine

Every child will have an assigned bin in the diaper changing area. Please provide enough diapers and wipes for the day, as well as facecloths and a towel. The last two items will be returned to you at the end of the week for washing. Please ensure that the above items are returned to the daycare on the following week.

School’s Child Release Policy

The child can only be released to the person(s) recorded on the signed document that we have on file. However, some unforeseen occasions may occur. Parents/guardians are asked to contact the centre and to give the name and description of the person to whom the child is to be released. In turn, we are obliged to ask for ID from that person.

Child Care Supervision Policy for Volunteers & Students

All volunteers and students working at O.L.Q.O.P. Montessori Bilingual School are required to be screened for a Criminal Reference Check, and to read all the policies and procedures before starting to work in this preschool. The volunteers and students will not be allowed direct unsupervised access to any of the children attending this centre.

This policy, which is mandated by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, has been developed to maintain the safety and well-being of all the children attending this preschool.

Serious Occurrences

In the event of a serious occurrence happening at this facility, a posting for such incident shall be placed by the main entrance door for anyone to read about it for the duration of ten (10) days. This policy is mandated by the MCYS (Ministry of Children and Youth Services) since November 1, 2011.

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